Warranty Policy

Propeller Aerobotics Pty. Ltd. (“Propeller”) warrants an AeroPoint against defects in material and workmanship for a period of ONE (1) YEAR from the date of activation.

The date of activation is defined as either a) the date that an activation code is used to activate a new AeroPoint group containing that AeroPoint or b) the date that an unactivated AeroPoint is moved into an already activated AeroPoint group by a Propeller employee. 

If Propeller Hardware Support determines an AeroPoint to be defective within the warranty period, Propeller, at its discretion, will exchange the defective AeroPoint with a new AeroPoint free of charge. Only Propeller Hardware Support can make this determination. Propeller may request proof of purchase to verify warranty eligibility. 

Any AeroPoint(s) replaced under warranty will be covered for the remainder of the warranty period of the defective AeroPoint.


The warranty does not cover defects or malfunction caused by a) misuse, abuse, or improper maintenance, b) failure to follow operating instructions or c) use with equipment with which it is not intended to be used. 

Propeller offers guidelines for charging and storing AeroPoints. 

The warranty doesn’t cover cosmetic or accidental damages. Additionally, the warranty will not apply to damage caused by unauthorized alteration, modification, or repair of an AeroPoint. 

If the AeroPoint is out of the warranty, a replacement can be purchased. Contact an authorized dealer, use this form to contact Propeller’s Sales team or go directly to Propeller’s online store to purchase a new AeroPoint.

Propeller considers an AeroPoint out of warranty when:

  • Over one year has elapsed since the original activation date.
  • The AeroPoint has an issue that’s not covered under warranty or consumer law, like accidental damage or damage caused by unauthorized modifications.
  • There is physical damage because of accidents, misuse, abuse, misapplication, or negligence. The warranty does not cover cosmetic damage caused by natural wear and tear or use.


Contact Propeller Hardware Support to determine if the AeroPoint qualifies for a replacement under warranty. If warranty service is necessary, Propeller Hardware Support will issue an RMA number. Warranty claim requests without a valid RMA number will not be approved. 

Propeller will, at its discretion, replace any product that proves to be defective in material or workmanship during the warranty period. 

Propeller is not liable for any loss of data or loss of productivity caused by a defective AeroPoint. 

Once a warranty claim for an AeroPoint is submitted to Propeller and accepted, the AeroPoint will be de-activated and removed from the customer’s AeroPoint Dashboard. An AeroPoint replaced under warranty becomes the property of Propeller and will no longer function for data collection. If your warranty claim has been approved, you must return the defective AeroPoint to Propeller upon receipt of the replacement (applicable in the United States and Australia only).